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Who We Are:

We are here to protect the world’s drinking water. And we do it with data. Processes that can’t be measured can’t be controlled. And uncontrolled processes cost you time, money and unnecessary resources. By providing data that will allow immediate information on your water quality, you can control the processes that make a difference to your business.

Our company was founded in 2017, and our product AquaValid was tested and deployed in 2021. We are now deploying to mining companies across North America as we validate the product in multiple use cases. Our company is focused on exceeding customer expectations and demonstrating the difference our technology can have on the world.  

For the mining industry, our product assists with process optimization, incident prevention and effluent monitoring while making a meaningful contribution to reducing water contamination. Mining companies are now able to detect trace amounts of very low concentrations of heavy metals in the water and waste water in real time. It sounds like a really niche problem, but it’s actually a huge industrial issue facing many different industries. Metals and water can cause all kinds of issues, from machinery degradation, to environmental contamination, to health and safety issues. It’s vital that we control them with real-time data.

If all of this sounds like it might be a match for you, please reach out. Email resumes and cover letters to: [email protected]

Why Work With 2S Water:

·     Innovation and autonomy 

At 2S Water, even though you may have strict deadlines and difficult challenges, you have autonomy over how you find a solution. That autonomy is not present in major large organizations that require layers of processing and approvals before accepting a result. You have the opportunity to be fully innovate on projects without needing approvals or meeting with tens of other layers stacked on top. 

At 2S Water, we get to apply our leading edge learning to existing operations, making a difference on the impact of real world processes. We’re looking for professionals who are aware of the work required to produce at a higher quality level. When you’re dealing with the real world, things don’t always go according to plan, so quick thinking, wise decision making, and good teamwork are all necessary skills. 

·      Potential opportunities

For many, this is the biggest draw. We can offer ample opportunities to all employees to excel in their domain and go above and beyond in their field. 

Clients bring us problems, and we rely on our team and their expertise to bring solutions to the table. That’s the winning-spot for many tech startups and that’s the space we operate in. We can give you opportunities to improve your skills and advance your 
career quickly. 

·      Fast-paced environment

Working in a fast-paced environment requires you to refine your gut instinct, which comes in handy when you’re applying your skills in real-time. You’re also thrust into multiple challenges and work with leading minds in the area of your interest. There’s going to be lots of mistakes, and lots of opportunities to learn from them.

Do you share our vision?

Working for tech startup companies can be some of the most rewarding experiences that you have, simply because it pushes you to the next level. At 2S Water, each new role is carefully thought out as the company expands. We take our time to find the right people who share our mission and want to work in the exciting environment a startup represents. Work environment is important to us, and we’re looking for people who add to our culture and want to see the change we bring to our clients and the world. 

Current Job Openings

We do not have any current opens. Please check back soon!

Please apply by sending your resume to [email protected]